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 At Hays Drug and Variety we pride ourselves in the diversity of the products that we carry. First, we are a full line drug store, with all of the traditional items such as vitamins, cough and cold, analgesics, laxatives, foot care, orthopedic supplies, hair care, deodorants, lotions, feminine hygiene, oral care, cosmetics, candy, greeting cards, party goods and a large sale item section. Next we are a variety store. Just look at the variety. We have school/office, small appliances, sewing notions, picture frames, photo albums, fabric, yarn, crafts, domestics, kitchen items, sweat and t-shirts, shoes, socks, wicker, silk flowers, toys and many more items.

Below and to the left you can find links to our featured sections.

Carlton Cards-Candles and Russell Stover Candies
We have a full line of Carlton cards, candles and gift wrap.  We also keep Russell Stover candies for every season.
Full Line Drug Store
Our drug store is the largest in the area. We have a well rounded product mix and are well stocked.
School/Office Supply and Small Appliance
We cater to the children in school and the small/home office in this section.  If you want a small appliance this is the place.
Sewing and Crafts
This is one of the areas where our variety shows.
Our toy section is one of the largest areas in the store.  Come in and take a look.

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